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Profiles International, Inc. (PI)


PI was established in 1991 in Texas, USA. It had amongst its stated objectives that of providing employers with current, valid and easy to use employment assessment instruments, so that they could make better use of their human capital resources. It operated initially in North America, where it now has tens of thousands of clients, both large and small. It is the world’s innovator and leader in the development and distribution of employment related assessments. Profiles now has affiliates in over one hundred and twenty countries. Assessments have been translated and validated in over twenty languages with sixty language “versions” (e.g. Filipino English!).

In 2014 Profiles International (USA) become part of the Wiley Group of multinational companies.

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Deficiencies with Current Testing Instruments

Profiles noted when it was founded in 1991, that there were many deficiencies with the then available instruments, many of which are still in use today. Amongst these deficiencies were:

  • Almost all instruments in use were developed for the purpose of diagnosing specific clinical conditions, NOT for the purpose of employment evaluation.
  • Most needed to be interpreted by a trained psychologist.
  • They had cultural and other biases, and did not fulfill the legal/labor codes for none discrimination.
  • They were not updated neither were they representative of current personality theory, nor representative of the changing employment pool.
  • They had no available validation studies.

In short, they possibly did a fine job of clinical diagnosis (for which most were developed), but were not only unreliable, but also invalid and in some cases illegal, when applied to the workplace.


The Profiles’ Solution

To overcome these difficulties, PI slowly developed a completely new set of employee related assessment instruments, literally from the ground up, whilst making full use of prior research.

In 2014 PI was acquired by the John Wiley Group. Additional information on Profiles International may be found at:

www.ProfilesInternational.com  or   https://www.wiley.com/en-us/aboutus

for information on the Wiley Group of companies.

Profiles Asia Pacific, Inc. (PAP)

PAP is the Philippine affiliate of Profiles International and was launched in 1998. As exclusive distributor of PI products, Profiles Asia Pacific markets directly to client companies and has an established dealer network. PAP provides training and support to both dealers and end users alike.

PAP’s office is located in the Ortigas Center area of Metro Manila with a satellite office in Cebu.

Where appropriate, assessments are translated into Tagalog.

People Dynamics, Inc

People Dynamics, Inc. was formed in 2002 to offer Philippine employers superior HR services based on the products of Profiles International (for psychometric assessments) and skills tests from other providers such as eSkill and Carnegie Speech. This quickly developed into other related services, namely:

  • Job match assessment services for recruitment and OD
  • Low-cost pre-screening assessments and tests
  • IT skills tests
  • Comprehensive “Assessment Center” Evaluation, (also known as a Development Center).
  • Test Development
  • Assessment-based executive coaching and training
  • College and High School Entrance Testing/Assessment
  • HR consulting in OD and change management

Since 2003, in order to accommodate the booming BPO industry and its need for low-cost but very high-volume pre-screening tools, People Dynamics has developed a range of locally normed specialist instruments to cover all basic pre-screening needs. These include: cognitive, personality, competency and skills, sales and service assessments.

This function has now evolved in to a department of full-time licensed test developers creating new and innovative testing instruments…. Such as:

  • Profiles Career Keys assessment (PCK)
  • Profiles Competency assessment (PCA)
  • Critical Thinking Assessment (CTA)
  • Basic Mental Ability assessment (BMAA)
  • Work Motivational Intensity assessment (WMI)
  • 360+ survey/assessment with up to 50 competencies
    …. and several more, many of which are “customizable”, to suite individual client needs.


Skills Testing

In 2003, PAP took on a second affiliation that of computer-based “skills” oriented testing which nicely complemented the psychometric assessments of PI and the tools we had created ourselves (e.g. BMAA was the first and still the most used!). Literally hundreds of performance-based testing modules are available to our clients using the Internet for skills testing. Additional information can be found at: https://peopledynamics.co/skill-testing/


Emotional Intelligence – GENOS

It is now well established that EQ is as important IQ in achieving success in most jobs, especially in jobs involving supervision of others or involving teamwork and collaboration. Indeed, in the latter case it is probably MORE important than IQ.

With this knowledge in 2016 Profiles took on a further representation that of Genos International for assessment and training in Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence The GENOS Assessment

Our organization has never stopped researching and growing to fully serve the needs of a dynamic and ever-changing market landscape. Thus the partnership with Genos International. Our goal is to serve as ambassadors of EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE as it is now known to impact the stability, sustainability and strength of organizations as much as the touted IQ, when adopted by its’ leaders.

This is based on robust scientific research of how EI impacts productivity and high performance in the workplace. Emotional Intelligence has gained worldwide acceptance as an emerging competency that is quoted by the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM as “to be needed by all” moving forward. Additional information can be found at: https:genos.ph

Quality Policy


As the leading provider of internet and computer-based talent assessment instruments in the Philippines (and the related services to which it has lead us, namely learning and development, and HR consultancies) we the employees of Profiles Asia Pacific, Inc. (Profiles) and People Dynamics, Inc. (PDI), are committed to maintain and continuously enhance our customer focused value as evidence of our QUALITY PRODUCTS AND SERVICES. Our quest for superior client servicing will jointly sustain a culture that recognizes the value of its people and their talents.

We ensure QUALITY OF OPERATIONS with on time delivery of products and services and maintain confidence in our organization by living up to our stakeholders’ expectations.  Through this advocacy, we will invest on QUALITY IMPROVEMENTS not only for the company and its processes but also its human resources.


Our mission is to be the industry’s leading provider of assessment-based talent management solutions in the Philippines

We commit to live by the principles of collaboration and self-empowerment and thereby serve as a model for organizations to create a work environment that drives continual personal growth.

We, at all times maintain our principles with integrity, honesty and quality.


We want to help build a Filipino society that: values its people; inspires people to empower themselves; fosters personal growth; and creates opportunities for individual prosperity.

Core Values


As the saying goes … “You are known by the company you keep!”

You are surely in good company!

Over the last 20 years we have worked with over 300 private and public companies and organizations. Most prefer to remain anonymous, so we do not publish client lists, but be assured our clients cover almost all industries. Some are national, others regional or multi-national and yet others government departments and GOCCs.

Many stay with us for a very long time.

Because of our fanatical client support, we maintain better than 95% client retention year on year!


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